About 2012 – 2013

Graduate School for Social Research, Polish Academy of Sciences 

Advanced Quantitative Methods in Comparative Social Sciences 

Course Description 

This course is designed for students who have a background in quantitative methods for the social sciences. Students should be familiar with descriptive statistics, testing differences between two and more means, and OLS regression analysis.

Basic outline of the course 

Linear Regression and Correlation – Review

Multiple Regression and Correlation

Model Building with Multiple Regression

Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Analysis

Structural Equation Modeling

Multi-Level Modeling

This course will feature a series of lectures and lab sessions.

Course Objectives

This course aims to teach students the logic and the theoretical assumptions behind some of the main techniques in advanced statistics for the social sciences, and how these techniques are applied to testing specific hypotheses. Students will learn to interpret empirical results, and to make critical evaluations of published social research that employs the methods covered in class. We will apply STATA routines to two data sets: ESS-CON and POLPAN. ESS-CON is the European Social Survey data with additional variables characterizing countries (allowing researchers to perform cross-national comparisons); POLPAN is the Polish Panel Survey conducted in 1988-2008 (allowing researchers to perform historical comparisons).


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